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Creator God

With my continued love and prayers for the week ahead. Crator God, may every breath we take be for your glory, may every footstep show you as our...

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Easter Celebration Video and Past Services

Our Easter Celebration is available online. Please go to the videos section of the website. It’s a rather large file so you may have to download...

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For your prayers

As you may know, in the last couple of weeks, an Oakford couple had the devastating experience of losing their house and many of their contents in a f...

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Growing the Rural Church

Last week our 'Growing the Rural Church' project was re-launched following a major re-appraisal of its operational methods during the pandemic...

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Happy Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothering Sunday! Our Mothering Sunday Celebration is now available to watch here on the Videos page of the website. Thank you so much, Stephen!...

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Lay led and Easter Service plans

The APCM season kicks off this week. Please pray for those who are willing to serve as Church Wardens and on the PCC. Yesterday we heard from our A...

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Tiverton Mothers’ Union Make a Mother’s Day Appeal

The Tiverton Mothers' Union are running their "Make a Mother's Day" appeal by creating and selling knitted bunnies (blue/pink), mice...

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The Way Ahead

We are carefully feeling our way forward in light of the Prime Minister’s roadmap. We have a webinar with the Archdeacons on Thursday afternoon,...

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Calverleigh March Update 2021

As the Today Magazine did not go to print in February, but was available online, the decision was made to use some of the same news as before especial...

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Loxbeare March Update 2021

It is good to hear that the Covid cases in our area are coming down and we are very grateful that many of us have now received at least our first vacc...

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