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Calverleigh November Update 2021

It is lovely to see that there is still a lot of colour in the gardens as we move further into October.  I wonder how we will be fairing as the n...

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Loxbeare November 2021 Round Up

At the time of writing, we are enjoying lovely sunny days & dry weather.  A good start to the Autumn months.  It is good that we are abl...

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Prayer of the Week

Steve is away on holiday away on holiday this week. If you need to speak to Steph please ring the church office and leave a message. I have just re...

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Weekly Prayer

Lord we pray for your Church. We pray that all Christians may grow closer to one another in faith, in understanding and in love. God our Creator, ...

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Absence and Prayer

Steph and Robert are away on holiday until 25th October but the Church Office will be open at the usual times on Monday and Friday. The office will no...

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Autumn Worship Retreat at Mill House

Our Autumn Worship Retreat at Mill House on Saturday 13th November 10-3pm Please do consider coming to join Dave Edwards for this special day of wo...

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Lord, we pray for your church

Steph and Robert are away on holiday until 25th October but the Church Office will be open at the usual times. Lord, we pray for your church, that ...

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Afghan Families - Clothing Collection

Following the crisis in Afghanistan would you be willing to donate adult or children's clothing for Afghan refugee families arriving in Devon? We ...

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Last week, as you know, I was at Balliol College. One of our lectures was about Collects, given to us by Max Kramer, the Precentor of Canterbury Cathe...

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Balliol College Oxford

The Patron of one of our churches is Balliol College Oxford. Every three years they invite clergy with a Balliol Living to go to Balliol for a week to...

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