Exe Valley Mission Community
Womens Bible Study

Exe Valley Women's Bible Study Group

A chance for women of all ages to meet together to learn from the Bible, and encourage and support one another.

We meet on alternate WEDNESDAYS, at Barton View, Loxbeare, EX16 9RH from 2 - 4 p.m.

This summer term, with the help of two Good Book Guides, “Shining with joy”, and “Meeting Jesus”, we shall be completing Philippians, and thinking about some women of faith who met Jesus in the Gospels.

  • April 18th - Joy as we run (Philippians 3 v.1-21)
  • May 2nd - Joy when faced with conflict and anxiety (Philippians 4 v. 1-9)
  • May 16th - Joy in all things.(Philippians 4 v. 10-23)
  • May 30th - Faith that transforms suffering (Mark 5 v.24-34)
  • June 13th - Faith that perseveres (Matthew 15 v. 21-28)
  • June 27th - Faith that overcomes death (John 11 v.1-44)

For more information contact Marion on 01884 256302 or e-mail: marion@sidborough.eclipse.co.uk