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Calverleigh Round Up - December 2020

Well what can we say? last month we were starting to think about December services and now we will have to wait and see.  By the time most of you receive your magazine we should be in a better position to know what is going to happen for the rest of the year and if Christmas is going to be what we are used to or just a little different.

We hope that through this very difficult time of understanding what we can and can't do, where we can go and who with, who we can see etc that you are keeping well and occupied especially now that the clocks have changed and the nights are slowly getting longer.

Looking Back
A Holy Communion group service took place at Calverleigh church on 27 September which was the first service to be held inside since lockdown lockdown began back in March.  It was lovely to welcome people along with all the safety measures that had to be in place. Thank you Steph for a service with time to reflect on the music and your words (though no singing was allowed) and the opportunity to be able to meet together for fellowship and communion even though in a reduced form.

On 18 October we held our first self-take Evening Worship service.  There was a good sized congregation, all socially distanced of course, with Jackie Herniman leading and 3 worship leaders taking part with the readings, prayers and talk. Thank you to all who attended and taking due regard of the safety systems that had to be put in place.  We hope that it did not feel too sterile and regimented.  We now look forward to when we can begin to plan for services once again.

As we were unable to hold the meeting in April it was postponed until we were given guidance as to when we could meet.  The APCM took place in September, but not in church.  Technology took a hand this time and the meeting was held by Zoom (which was interesting).  The Churchwardens elected were Aubrey Goldsworthy and Jackie Herniman, Treasurer Jackie Herniman, PCC Secretary Julie Goldsworthy and PCC members David Burton, Shirley Goldsworthy, Sheila Greenslade, Rita Tapp and Lorna Thomas.  Thanks were given for all that they have contributed to church life over the past year and also to everyone who has helped organise and support fundraising events, those on the different church rotas and those who have taken part in services.  It couldn't be done without all your input, thank you once again.

Loxbeare/Calverleigh Carol Singing
Unfortunately we will be unable to do any of the 3 nights carol singing this year due to Covid19.  There have been very few occasions when this enjoyable seasonal event has had to be cancelled, unless because of extremely bad weather.  For many of us this has become part of our Christmas tradition and are already looking forward to being able to meet up again next year.

The charities that were chosen are Cancer Research and Children's Hospice Southwest.  If you would still like to give to these charities please contact Jackie Herniman at 9 Kabale Close, Tiverton, EX16 5QB or Tel: 01884 255814.

We are sure that both charities will be extremely grateful for any monies raised in this most difficult of years.  Thank you

It was with great sadness that we learnt in September of the passing of Marylee Ravnkilde.  Marylee lived in the village, with her family, for many years and had been attending Calverleigh church all through that time, whenever she was able to and her faith shone through in worship and throughout her illness.  Marylee, along with husband Mark, was a great supporter of the church, the village and it's activities and there are many people who will miss her very much. I am sure that we will be listening for the lifting of the door latch once the service has started and the cheeky little grin as she made her way to her seat, for months to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mark and all of Marylee's family at this time.

Brian Longbottom also passed away in September with his funeral and committal taking place in October.  Mr and Mrs Longbottom lived for many years in Lurley, bringing up their family, before moving away in recent times.  They too supported village activities over a long period of time and our thoughts and prayers are with their family also. 

We would like to send congratulations to Pat and Anthony on the birth of their first grandchild, Ned.

If you have been celebrating a significant birthday/wedding anniversary/birth, our congratulations go to you all.

We say goodbye to Michelle and Richard who have, over the years, helped judge the annual duck race and we would also like to welcome the new residents of Calverleigh Mill.

For all those who have been unwell or are awaiting an operation or treatment, our very best wishes are with you for a speedy recovery.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are going through a bereavement at this most difficult of times.

Time of Prayer
We are continuing with our monthly time of prayer which was started at a most appropriate time in February.  It is two hours of prayer on the first Saturday of the month, with prayer suggestions sent out in the days leading up to it.  Anyone that joins in can do so for as long or short a time as you wish, wherever you are.  If you are interested in taking part please contact Julie Goldsworthy: email thegoldsworthys@yahoo.co.uk to be included in the mailing list.

Our thanks go to all those who have been on the mowing rota this year.  With the uncertainty of whether we could even travel to the church at the beginning of lockdown to keep the churchyard tidy, a wonderful job has been done over the months and once again your time and efforts have been much appreciated by many.

At this time of year our thoughts would be turning to collecting donations for CHAT.  If we are unable to hold any services in church before Christmas would you consider taking any dried goods, tins, toiletries etc directly to their office in Becks Square.  We have heard a lot about the hardship that many families are facing this year with employment ceasing, the furlough scheme or redundancies and am sure that anything that can be given to be distributed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If we are unable to meet up in person before Christmas, at a social gathering or church service, may we take this opportunity to wish all readers a Merry Christmas however you get to celebrate it and pray that the coming year will be a much more enjoyable and social one.

Calendars / Nativity Competition
A number of fridge/notice board calendars are available for 2021 – with all proceeds to the church. Please see the website for details.
Likewise, as mentioned last time, Dave and Nik Burton are organising an Advent competition as a bit of fun. Can you make a nativity character? – big or small – inside or outside – made of anything! Please see the website for more information about how you (or your children/grandchildren) can enter. We've seen how competitive and creative you can be from the Produce show! Contact Dave or Nik on 01884 561499 or use the email below.

Is there anything you want us to put in the next magazine? Or have we missed something? Please send them to Dave Burton by calling 01884 561499 or by email: calverleigh@exevalleychurches.org. Get the latest at: www.exevalleychurches.org/calverleigh.

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