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There are some things I never get around to doing. Never. Never ever. The coats on the hooks by the front door, for example.

There are several coats hanging on those hooks. And a couple of handbags. And one stiletto shoe, size 5, lying underneath. They have been there for months. And I have absolutely no idea who they belong to, or where they have come from. By now, I should have put them in a bag and taken them to a charity shop. But I haven’t. Because, I never get around to it.

There are boxes in the garage, full of stuff. No doubt valuable stuff. Important stuff. But I’ve no idea what - because I never get around to opening them and sorting out the contents. There are photos that need to be put in albums. There are change of address cards that still need to be sent! There are old cards to be made into gift tags, and there are even boxes of Christmas decorations waiting to be put in the attic, but... I never get around to it. Anyway, once June has been and gone there seems very little point!

So, I know, just as much as anyone, how many things I never quite manage to do. That is why I am full of admiration for three of the Exe Valley's finest, who have got around to looking at their faith and are taking the big step of being confirmed on November 18th in the Cathedral. How wonderful! It’s so easy for things like that not to be a priority in the busyness of life. But they have got around to it – and we wish them every blessing for the next stage of their journey.

And then there's Gerda! She had every reason not to spend time looking at Rural Ministry as part of her training, and yet she did! And, as you can see from her letter here she loved it and is now seriously considering Rural Ministry when she becomes a priest.

So, what about you? What about the things you never quite seem to get around to? Perhaps reading the Bible and looking at the Christian faith is one of them? If that is the case, I would like to ask you to seriously consider coming on 'The Bible Course', which will be held in three different venues across the Mission Community. The dates and contact details are available here on our Events page. You would all be very welcome.

And - by the way - if you have left a coat, a handbag or one stiletto at my house, don't worry, they will probably be in exactly the same place this time next year, because I never get...!

Wishing you and those you love every blessing,


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