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It~s all an education!

I am having to educate my husband. (And to be fair, he's having to educate me - but we won't go into that now!) We've visited places that are important to us. He took me to Italy, spending time in Venice, Florence and Padua. I have taken him to Barnstaple. He has cooked me breaded plaice and I have introduced him to the delights of crispy shredded chilli beef from the Chinese takeaway. He has shown me the intricate skill in making a proper cup of coffee and I have taken him through the extensive choices available on a cocktail menu, as well as the skill of drinking them, without getting the cocktail stick stuck up your nose.   He has shown me the artwork of Giotto and Giusto de Menabuoi and I have made him watch, 'Love Actually', 'Mamma Mia', 'The History Boys', 'Come Fly with Me' and 'Gavin and Stacey'. How else will he understand what my family say to one another, when we meet?

And it’s great. And we’re learning a lot about each other. And it has revived certain things in me. Things that I remember from my youth. Things that I remember from my childhood. Things that used to be important to me. Things that still are.
Christmas, Mothering Sunday, Easter, Ascension Day, Whitsun (yes, I am that old – I can remember the Whit weekend, rather than the Spring Bank Holiday), were all important markers in my childhood. They were less so in my youth, and distinctly non existent in my twenties. And, I suspect are becoming more and more of a mystery to more and more people.

And so, just like we are trying to do at home, we need to educate one another and be reminded about such things. That Easter is not just about chicks and bunnies and hunting for eggs, but is about Jesus, rising from the dead, full of resurrection life. And that Whitsun - the Day of Pentecost - is not just about having a long weekend, great though that is, but is the wonderful reality of the Holy Spirit, coming in power, bringing life and joy to all believers.

So this is just a reminder, as we enter the season of Easter and Pentecost - you are welcome to join us at any or all of our services. Come and be reminded of what it’s all about. Come and be educated. Remember the things that once were important to you - and maybe still are.

God bless you richly - and cause you to remember!


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