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An update from Calverleigh

On March 19 it was our turn to host the Group Service and we were so pleased to see so many people come along to hear Rev’d Steph Jeffs as she led the service. We arrived to be met by Steph's swimming costume hanging from the lectern along with the contents of her larder balanced on the lectern rail! Needless to say they were all thing that required water which became clear during the sermon. Thanks Steph for the amusing start to the service.

On 26 March our lovely Mothering Sunday Service was led by our very own Natasha Goldsworthy. Posies and cards were handed out to all Mother’s present.  In actuality because so many posies had been given, we were able to give to all ladies at the service who throughout the year do so many things for the church and the church family.  Thanks go to all who provided flowers or took part in this special service.

Throughout Lent this year, we met (along with the other parishes in the Exe Valley) each Wednesday (and each day during Holy Week) for a time of meditation, fellowship and quiet reflection. Steph led most of these sessions allowing those present to contemplate her words, listen to calming music and reflect on our Lord during his final earthly days.

Jackie Herniman led our Palm Sunday service with her own version of palm leaves and a donkey, who was very well behaved, although he did fall off the lectern during the reading.

This year's Agape Meal on Maundy Thursday was hosted this year by Templeton, who provided a delicious three-course meal including a variety of soups, a filling main and a good selection of desserts. At this meal we meet to celebrate the first communion at the Last Supper, as a part of a meal as the disciples did. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way before and during the evening.

For the first time in many years we hosted a Good Friday Meditation service, again led by our Rector, following the same format as the Lent evenings. Those who attended felt moved by the content and the knowledge of our Lord's suffering.

Easter Day saw the return of a beautiful display of floral arrangements all around the church, completed by a model of the tomb, with the stone rolled away indicating the resurrection of Jesus. Lots of people joined us at the service and we were all treated to an Easter biscuit (or two) as we left, that were made by Nikki Burton.

It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Gill Powell, who had lived in the village for a short while. Her funeral service and burial took place on 18 April. Gill and Stephen had begun to take an interest in village life and supported the church through fund raising at our Autumn Fayre with her craft work. Steph officiated at the service and the Eulogy was read by Jackie Herniman. Within the service there was a sense of the friendship that had been built up between them all during Gill's illness.

We also learnt of the passing of Kath Winchester who frequently attended our church over the past few years until she felt unable to do so. Her funeral service took place on 19 April at St. Paul's church, Tiverton. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stephen and Kath's family and all who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Also on 18 April was the APCM where Aubrey Goldsworthy and Jackie Herniman were voted on to continue as Churchwardens. Thanks were given for all that they do throughout the year for church life.  The post of Secretary remains the same in Julie Goldsworthy and Jackie Herniman as Treasurer. The PCC was voted in en-bloc with the exception of Barbara Hill who felt that it was time for her to stand down.  She was thanked for her many years of work in all aspects of church life and fund raising. If you would be interested in joining the PCC, or taking on a voluntary role within the church in the future, we would love to talk with you.

Our annual Spring Clean took place on 22 April and the old adage that many hands make light work certainly applied.  The church windows gleamed and the whole place smelt lovely and clean. Refreshments were gratefully received mid-way through the morning.  Thank you to all that took part.

St. George's Day saw an invitation from 5th Tiverton Guides for the congregation to attend an Easter Egg hunt and tea in the village hall. The Guides had an activity day to remember the Patron Saint of Scouting and Guiding, where they renewed their promises and hosted an afternoon tea for family and friends. It was very entertaining seeing church members, young and not so young, rooting through the undergrowth of the village green to eagerly find small eggs and then receive a larger one as a reward for their endeavours. Thank you Nikki and Tash for the kind invitation and a very enjoyable time with you and your guide unit.

Coming Up...

On 27 May our Annual Day of Prayer takes place during the hours of 9am - 9pm. If anyone would like to take part you can choose a half hour slot to pray wherever you feel comfortable. Prayer sheets are available for guidance. Please speak to Aubrey or Jackie for more details. 

Also on 27 May, The Duck Race also takes place starting at 3pm just below Lurley Bridge. Anyone that would like to purchase a duck for the race can contact Geoffrey or Lorna Thomas or any PCC member. Tea and cake will be available afterwards at the village hall where the prizes will be awarded.

On Sunday 11 June we will be holding our Open Air Service at 3pm. Last year we had to hold it indoors so are praying that God will give us better weather this year, so that we are able to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the churchyard. Music will once again be provided by special guests Ad-Lib.

Mowing Rota
29 May / 10 Jun: Mr C Durnan
12 / 24 Jun: Mr A Hancock
26 Jun / 8 Jul: Mr A Goldsworthy
10 / 22 Jul: The Heathcoat-Amory Family
24 Jul / 5 Aug: Mr K Hayes

Church Cleaning Rota
22 May / 3 Jun: Mrs J Goldsworthy
5 / 17 Jun: Mrs M Herniman
19 Jun / 1 Jul: Mrs M Furneaux
3 / 15 Jul: Miss S Goldsworthy

Altar Flower Rota
28 May / 4 Jun: Mrs M Furneaux
11 / 18 Jun: Mrs A Webber
25 Jun / 2 Jul: Mrs M Herniman
9 / 16 Jul: Mrs G Tucker
23 / 30 Jul: Mrs N Burton

If anyone would like to be included on the church cleaning or mowing rotas, please contact Aubrey Goldsworthy on 01884 255248. Any more offers of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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