Exe Valley Mission Community
Exe Valley Central

Our Exe Valley Central (EVC) congregation meets most Sundays in Templeton Village Hall at 11am.

Exe Valley Central Mission Statement

We are a fellowship of Christian believers within the EVMC with the following aims and objectives:

  • To deepen & strengthen our love for The Lord Jesus Christ and our knowledge of his Word, the Bible
  • To serve and resource the Mission Community’s work.
  • To pray in the Power of The Holy Spirit for the work of the Mission Community as a whole.
  • To uphold Gospel truth.
  • To strengthen the bonds of friendship and support between Christians in the various parishes within the Exe Valley.
  • To assist the parishes in reaching out in pastoral concern to the people.

We are a fellowship in which an opportunity is given for consistent Bible teaching which we believe to be vitally important for the future of the Church in our parishes and in this country. We usually base our servcies/preaching upon one theme or bible book for several consecutive weeks.

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not see ourselves as in any way being in opposition to any parish or to the MC as a whole. 

People from all our parishes - although based in one place, EVC welcomes people from all of our parishes (and possibly beyond).

People of all ages – young and old and everyone in-between are very welcome!  There is provision for children in every service.  Once a month we have an all-age ‘Sunday Club’ service, and for the rest of the month there is a Sunday school (although parents are welcome to keep their children with them, if they prefer).  The facilities provided by the village hall make it easier for families to join the congregation.

People of all faiths (and none) – whether you are a Christian, a non-Christian, an ex-Christian or a not-yet-Christian, you are very welcome at Exe Valley Central.  It is a place where those who are not sure where they stand can explore the Christian faith, and a place where committed followers of Jesus can deepen their faith.  If you would rather come as a spectator than a participant, you are very welcome to join us on that basis.

People of all tastes – some of us like more traditional services, whereas others prefer more contemporary services, but all are welcome at Exe Valley Central.  We try to have something for everyone, with a healthy mixture of the old and the new.  We sing some of the traditional hymns that we have loved since childhood, and some modern songs, which express our faith in a more contemporary way.

The only way that you can really find out if Exe Valley Central is for you is by coming along and giving it a try.  I hope to see you there!

EVC Programme May - July 2016: "Faith under Fire"

  • May 1st: Abraham.
  • May 8th: Moses (Ascension Theme)
  • May 15th: David
  • May 22nd: Group Service Cruwys Morchard.
  • May 29th: John the Baptist.
  • June 5th: Peter & John in prison.
  • June 12th: Stephen
  • June 19th: Paul
  • June 26th: Group Service Loxbeare
  • July 3rd: Shaftesbury & the "Clapham Sect"
  • July 10th: Cranmer and the Reformation.
  • July 17th: Corrie Ten Boom
  • July 24th: Group Service Oakford
  • July 31st: A recent Martyr.